My Game Collection Is This Small

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You'll never see me publishing pictures of a wall-sized game collection. I'm a gamer - maybe the only one? - who likes to keep his collection small.


So small… that it fits on a single shelf.

For my sanity, my sense of interior design and for the sake of domestic bliss I have tried to keep my entire collection (minus N64) on a single shelf. And the real main reason I do this: because I think that confining my games to a small space will force me to repeatedly thin my crop so that I wind up with only the cream.

I've blogged about my shelf a couple of times before. I wanted to give you folks an updated look. The games on the shelf have changed since August, when I last took a picture of it.

Bigger shelf pics after the jump

My shelf in August 2007 (Bigger pic here)

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My shelf in June 2008

(Bigger pic here)

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Note that the back row and the DS and PSP parts in the wings are all games I consider keepers because of their quality or historical importance. The games in the front row I'm either playing through, need to get to, or aren't ones I think will last the next thinning. And the games on the shelf above were bound for giveaway

(Here's my August post from when I last looked at my gaming shelf.)


I have a hard time getting rid of games that are good games, my collection is quite large but i don't think any of them are really bad.

Sure i could trade in some mediocre game but a lot of my games that i own are niche titles that i'd never be able to find again and i've had friends come over and borrow games they've never heard of 6 years after i first bought it (I still have quite a collection of stuff dating back to the NES). The biggest thing i've found to save space is CD Cases, take the games out of the cases and store the cases in a closet or attic in a big box, keeps them clean, and in better condition while turning your 3 bookcases of games(in mycase)to one shelf and a box for cartridges. Though now i just use Roms to play all my cartridge games, since it's legal in that case, so they've been moved to storage too.