Iā€™m back from a week of sort-of vacation, and thereā€™s plenty to catch up on. The site looked good while I was away. Here are my five favorite pieces.

  • Hero Completes Fallout: New Vegas Run That Nobody Thought Was Possible - Patricia regularly chronicles the adventures of some of the most daring gamers out there. Iā€™m a huge fan of her stories about Scott Buchanan, the brilliant gamer who is always finding new extreme ways to play Super Mario 64. I also quite like her pieces about Many A True Nerd, the gamer who keeps finding new ways to play Fallout. Her newest report is about how MATN completed all of New Vegasā€™ expansions on a single health bar (actively disregarding the gameā€™s auto-regenerating health). I will never tire of stories about gamers pushing games and themselves to the limits, and it seems you readers donā€™t either.
  • Why Star Citizen Is Taking So Long - Nathan had been working on this one for some time, while also juggling his every-interesting look at as many Steam games as possible (he was on a roll making new discoveries week!). Thereā€™s been a lot of attention paid to how many millions of dollars the folks at Cloud Imperium Games have raised to make the epic Star Citizen game, but far less scrutiny and skepticism about the overdue project. Nathan spoke to current and former developers to figure out what was going on.
  • What Itā€™s Like To Be The Community Manager For The ā€˜Worst PS4 Game Everā€™ - Via our friends at Kotaku Australia, hereā€™s a guest piece by someone who had a really rough job this year. Yikes.
  • The Five Biggest Problems With Twitch - Weā€™ve been slowly and steadily increasing our coverage of livestreaming, since the very act of doing it has become integral to gaming culture. Patrickā€™s breakdown of Twitchā€™s biggest problems, a mix of his own experiences as a streamer and what he heard from others, is a great step forward.
  • The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta Is Goodā€”Mostly - I perennially complain that we donā€™t cover Call of Duty very well and that, unless Iā€™m missing something (no offense if I am!) that no big gaming sites do. I canā€™t think of any other game that is this popular in the U.S. that I have read so few interesting stories about. Iā€™m not saying Iā€™m looking for more of exactly this, but Iā€™m thirsty enough for good CoD coverage that I will happily highlight this succinct, snappy take of the recent Black Ops III multiplayer beta from our most recent weekend guest editor, Phil Owen.

Bonus thrills: Evan finally reads and writes about the best super-hero comic Marvel is currently publishing (told you!). Jason attempts to do for Metal Gear first sentences what he did for Destiny ledes. And the rest of the team did a fine job while I was enjoying some time off. Hats off to everyone.

Best Headline AND Best GIF: Street Fighter Player Knocked Out By Booger


Best wedding proposal:

Part One (watch the last minute, which does include Life Is Strange spoilers, or so Iā€™ve been told though I couldnā€™t really tell)...

Part Two (watch the beginning)...

Got thoughts about what we published last week or about stories youā€™d like to see on the site? Let me know.


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