Once the sworn protector of the SnowQueen, Chill lost her charge to the Cyclopean forces and has been attempting to atone for her failure ever since. She is a pink-skinned humanoid awash in a world of colorful creatures and towering giants. I identify with her. Her fragility. Her humanity. Her ability to toss horned arctic aquatic mammals. That is why I love her.

One of the new characters coming with Skylanders Giants, Chill is one of the closest things to a human you're likely to find in the ranks of dragons, goblins, elves and assorted mythical creatures. She's a character that little girls can identify with, while showing little boys that females that can throw narwhals are just as capable as any manatee-tossing man.

She is not, however, the sexiest Skylander. Sorry Chill, but Dino Rang is the sexiest Skylander of all-time.