Ms. Pac-Man Tattoo Might Limit Career Options

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Lord knows we encourage enough tatting around here, but like the mafia, we don't deliberately go for the face.

Of course, this is on the side of her head, and this person probably wasn't looking for a high powered career in sales or games PR. Actually, it sounds like this tattoo was an impulse buy:

Head tattoos are THE SHIT!!!!!! LOL. So I was workin yesterday and we decided to tattoo me cause well, it was slow.. A few ideas were thrown around and Ms Pacman WON!! So now I am the proud owner of an ultra geeky head tattoo!!!! Not sure if life gets any better, hahahahahaha////////////


Whoa. Check out her kids' halloween costumes on her profile page. Man, my mom wasn't that cool.

AileenFritz's Story [, thanks Adam]

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wow, trailer trash at it's finest...or is that worst.