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The French site PS3Gen claims to have gotten its hands on "stolen" images of MotorStorm 3, purporting to show the PS3-exclusive racer set in a San Francisco of collapsed buildings and raging fires.


Quite a departure from the series first three iterations, which set loose the fleet of cars, trucks and things that go in fragile ecosystems in the Utah desert, a Pacific island, and the Arctic. That appears to be a building mid-collapse. Another shows pedestrians scattering across your path, so maybe the game will feature courses that change or get blocked off, in addition to the myriad shortcuts it usually tosses up.

I gave the obligatory whats-up to SCEA but Sony's already given the refusal of comment on rumor and speculation to PS3Gen. Meantime, put your powers of keen observation to work. Does this pass the smell test? Are these images of another racer altogether?


More pictures at the link below.

Motorstorm 3 : Des Images Volées d'un Jeu Toujours pas Annoncé [PS3 Gen via Destructoid]

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