More Xbox 360 Price Cuts Coming Next Month?

Ars Technica's Microsoft mole is at it again, forecasting a follow up Xbox 360 price drop that will effect all hardware next month. Their mole previously leaked word of the price cut on the 20GB system leading up to Microsoft's E3 announcement on the subject. Here are the prices, so you don't have to go over to AT and read their painful attempt know, I'm not even sure what they were trying to attempt there with the whole Dark Knight theme. Just painful.

* Arcade (no hard drive) to $199 * Pro (60GB) to $299 * Elite (120GB) to $399

This would of course bring the 60GB system down to the same price as the 20GB it is replacing, pissing off everyone who purchased a 20GB system in the interim. Yep, sounds like Microsoft! Mole attack: 360 price cuts on all hardware in September [Ars Technica]


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