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More Screens and a Different Look at H.A.W.X.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last week's MLG San Diego was notable for its debut of the Cold Storage map for Halo 3. It also gave people a look at a "very early test phase" version of Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X., the arcade flight combat sim forthcoming from Ubisoft by the end of the year. The game was a demo playable by anyone in attendance. A reader who was there said the Ubi rep didn't care if anyone took pictures, so he did, and he gave them to us. The full size pics are after the jump. Our reader also took notes of what was said and sent back a report.

What he saw:

• "Late alpha test phase of the game it was [an executable file] running on a devkit at the show, so it was obviously very early test phase. The game was riddled with bugs as of now because the 360 was crashing quite a few times."


• "I'm unsure about the company [providing the maps], but they used satellite mapping of the areas and reconstructed them into the game. The mountains look epic with all the texturing and bushes."

• "Distance third person viewing when dog fighting or getting chased by missiles."

What he was told (by an Ubisoft rep):

• "The spokesperson for Ubisoft said that this game was gonna be a gamble like Assassin's Creed was because of the huge amount of money invested into the game only to find out if its gonna be awesome or a mediocre game. From what it seems that the rep was saying HAWX is going to cost a lot to make."


• "At least 50 planes will be available in game"

• "For promotion [materials] they are looking for any air force pilots to get a picture in with the HAWX patch and will get put up on their site."


Now for the pics:


Of course, thanks to reader Anonymous (no, he did not play the game wearing a V for Vendetta mask) for keeping his eyes peeled on coming back with some good info.