More PC Games Get Magical DLSS Support

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Image: Nvidia

Two more PC games have gotten DLSS support—a form of modern sorcery—from Nvidia, meaning anyone with a card that supports the tech will now be getting much better performance.


Those games are Nioh 2 (which did not launch in the best shape) and Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, which should both be getting framerate boosts of around 20-30fps (!!!) depending on your card.

That’s great news for anyone with a card that supports DLSS, but as we saw with Nioh 2, I’m starting to get a little worried—especially in this climate where buying graphics cards isn’t exactly simple—that developers might start using DLSS’s magic as a crutch for poor optimisation, and that’ll leave a lot of people whose cards don’t support DLSS out in the cold.

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So DLSS is “Deep Learning Super Sampling,” aka upscaling. It’s awesome that machine learning fed on data sets of low res and higher res game footage has led to better and better upscaling techniques... but it isn’t surprising that people will get much better framerates when they aren’t rendering the game at the full resolution.