More MadCatz Street Fighter Tourney Sticks Coming

It's unclear where else the Street Fighter IV fight sticks will be showing up, but Capcom is saying that they've been told they will soon be getting more of the MadCatz controllers.

Many of you have kept your orders in place trusting that we would do everything we could to get you the much sought-after controllers. We have been working closely with MadCatz to get more; especially the Tournament Editions. Rest assured, your patience will be rewarded. We will have a few more to send out this month and by the end of April, MadCatz is confident that they will have most, if not all, of the orders completed.


With MadCatz desperately trying to keep up with demand worldwide, I suspect that Capcom's sold out store won't be the only place seeing the sticks reappearing come next month.

If you own a stick, how is it holding up? Mine seems fine still, but I haven't put it to much use lately.

Great News From MadCatz

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