More Games Need To Let You Hold Cats

This week we learn why cats love gamer chairs, watch Apple and Epic fight, catch up with what’s going on at Ubisoft after all the recent news, and ask for the ability to hold cats in more games.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Some incredible reporting here by Ethan and Ashley. If you have some time, read this long but important story.

Does your cat sit on your office chair all the time? Come find out why!


SPOILER: Royal Fumble is not at the top of this list.



Meanwhile, the neighbor on the other side of this fence is very confused and annoyed.


I miss my big, dumb, green head music player.


The way 2020 is going, I need every game to let me hold a cat or puppy. Please.


Trailers & Videos From The Past Week

Remember when Sam got his own video games and didn’t just make appearances in random Tom Clancy games?

I’ll never replay this game, I enjoyed it but my first experience is the only one I want or need. For those who do want to replay it, this seems like an interesting way to do so.

Breaking news: Cyberpunk 2077 has guns in it!

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Cat-holding functionality should come with a struggle mechanic where the cat may insist on being put back down after a few seconds.  If you don’t hit the “put back down” button fast enough, you take minor damage and the cat jumps down anyway.