More DLC Coming for Red Dead Redemption? [Update]

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Out of nowhere, Rockstar Games on its official Twitter has suggested that more downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption is coming, with a release date details to be provided "in the coming weeks."


Update: At the beginning of the month, Rockstar said it had planned for "some fantastic and entirely FREE DLC coming your way as a show of appreciation for your amazing support." Sounds like this is it. "New fan-favorite playable multiplayer characters," are said to be included.

The information came as a response to a user's question "Whens the new Red dead DLC coming out." We've pinged a Rockstar Games representative to ask what gives, as Undead Nightmare was thought to be the last DLC installment in the wild wild west sandboxer.


Rockstar can confirm, however, that a quad XP weekend in Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer will begin tomorrow and last through July 4. The event begins at midnight EDT and all online multiplayer modes—including Free Roam and Undead Overrun from Undead Nightmare—earns four times the standard experience points.

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Is it me, or is Marston there being chased by the Sunset Riders?