More Details On New Aliens vs Predator

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We got our first look at the game last week, but today, we've got a lot more information on Rebellion's upcoming reboot of their classic Aliens vs Predator shooter.

Most exciting is that the Predator class is now no longer just a Marine that can turn invisible. More in line with the species' abilities in the movies, you can now jump and glide between ledges and branches. Think Zelda's Hookshot, or the zero-G sequences in Dead Space, only it's now more suitable for you to be gurgling "motherfucker" every time you do it.


The aliens have also been tweaked, and will now move more slowly than they did the original PC game (which is fine by me, as they were too fast in that game). They will, however, retain the ability to scale any surface, meaning you can still run all over the walls and roof.

The game is also being pitched squarely at an adult audience. A report describes the Predator's signature move being one where he picks up a marine, snaps his neck, then tears his head off, which is followed by his spinal column. Once off, the head will continue to blink and gasp, and...well, yes, you get the idea.

This information - along with more screenshots - can be found in the latest issue of the British Official Xbox Magazine, which means we're now at two confirmed platforms: Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Really (REALLY!) looking forwad to this one, hope it turns out great.