To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Thoughts About Baseball Being Dropped From The Olympics....

It's official, Tristan has entered the MONSTERS phase of childhood. He now refuses to go just about anywhere that is dark and gloomy without either Trish or I nearby. The last night he asked me to walk him from our dining table to the bathroom so I could act as sentry as he emptied his bladder in case, you know, a visiting fiend had to take a pottie break before taking up residence in the dark space beneath his bedroom desk.

Fortunately this fear hasn't really taken root, as Tristan has yet to settle on the form of his monster. Personally, I'm rooting for something old school, like a zombie under the bed, or a ghost in the bathroom or even, as Penny Arcade happened to suggest today, a wolfman in the closet.

I can deal with those childhood fears, but not childhood fears that belittle my own terrors as a kid. Like can you imagine Tristan being scared of his reflection in the mirror, or other people's amputated limbs being grafted to his body or really filthy Hostels?

I've had the "you don't need to be scared in our house" talk with him, but I suspect I'm going to take it a step further, perhaps dig up my monster capturing kit, before I can put all of his fears to rest.

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