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Best Buy Advertising Final Fantasy VII PS3

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've seen this sign popping up over the weekend on the internets, and now reader and Best Buy employee Boomy (possibly a pseudonym) sends this snap from his iPhone of a coming soon sign misprint that is set to disappoint a lot of people come August 16th. At least we assume that this is a misprint. Either that, or Square Enix has developed Apple-levels of secrecy over the past few years...somehow I doubt it. It's just odd that such a screw-up would occur with nothing even vaguely FF-related coming out this month. Disgaea 3 ships on the 18th, and while for some of us that is more exciting than a FFVII remake, I can't see some hapless sign-monkey mixing the two of them up. Odd.