Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Coming To the PSP

Monster Hunter, the game series that lets players hunt...monsters, is getting another installment.


At a press conference today in Tokyo, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 3rd would be arriving on the PSP this year in Japan. Good news for MH fans. Better news for the PSP, because the million-plus selling series actually moves PSP units and will certainly breath new life into Sony's handheld.

The popularity of the series hasn't quite yet spread to the West. However, the PSP versions of the games have gotten localized English language releases.


Earlier this year, a Hong Kong game magazine ran a rumor stating that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd would be released by the end of this year.

【速報】すべての武器が集結! 『モンスターハンターポータブル 3rd』発表!(動画あり) [Kotaku Japan]

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I'd be much more interested in one of these games if they came for the PS3 or 360, where there are actual online gaming communities. Don't you have to go through some assbackwards process to play the game online on the PSP? Perhaps I heard incorrectly. But if that's the case, a Monster Hunter for either the PS3 or 360 would play much more to the game's strong points. I also think a release on said consoles would enhance the popularity of the series in the West.

But then, I haven't really delved into one of these games myself. It just seems to me that it's a game better suited to have an online community backing it.