If you've got games, consoles, and peripherals gathering dust and cluttering up your minimalist entertainment center, today is the day to convert them to credit.

Gamestop has been the de facto black hole for trade-ins for longer than any of us can remember, but in recent years other retailers have jumped in to the fray. The paltry sums the big GS offers for your hard-earned discs have been a frequent lament, and while it's actually very possible to make a killing from Gamestop, the process isn't so transparent, and that's a PSA for another day.

The Amazon deal we're bringing to you today is dead simple. Trade in $20 or more worth of "games, consoles, and accessories," and get a bonus $20 credit. That is a serious deal. Games like the 360 version of Tomb Raider will net you $54 in credit after the bonus is applied, and some titles will actually cross the $60 event horizon. Yes, you'll make money on a game you paid full price for.


Shipping to Amazon is as low impact as possible, and FREE. What you will have to concern yourself with is that obviously, only new-ish titles are going to bring the big bucks. If you're sending in a legacy library, you may have to really stack them up to hit the $20 mark, as anyone who has ever traded at Gamestop knows.

We saved the best but most intensive part of the deal for last. If you're a fast player or the game in question is short, you can buy from Amazon, play, and sell back before the 27th, making money in the process. Naturally, having a Prime account would make this a lot more feasible by making the initial shipping to you faster.


Example: Buy Bioshock: Infinite for $50 with free shipping, play, ship by the 27th, get $56 (up to 36 +20) credit. [Amazon]

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