Today's Best Gaming Deals: Pac-Man's Birthday, ROCCAT Mice, and More

Today is Pac-Man’s 35th birthday, and Amazon is celebrating with a variety of deals on related games and apps, today only. There are physical products and toys included too, but most of them aren’t actually discounted, from what I can tell. [Pac-Man Sale] » 5/22/15 11:45am 5/22/15 11:45am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: The Witcher 3, $300 Xbox One Bundle, More

Now that The Witcher 3 has a glowing Kirk Hamilton review under its belt, I’d say it’s officially safe to preorder if you haven’t already. It’s not a huge discount, but Amazon is selling PS4 digital downloads for $54 today, which is the best deal you’re likely to see on the console version between now and May 19.… » 5/15/15 11:45am 5/15/15 11:45am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Battlefront Discount, PC Upgrades, and More

This preorder deal on Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t bonus DLC or a gift card; it’s a straight cash discount, and you can use it on both the standard and Deluxe editions. This is almost certainly the best straight pure price savings you’ll see on Battlefront prior to release. » 5/14/15 11:15am 5/14/15 11:15am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Rare PS4 Discount, $40 PlayStation TV, More

We’ve seen a handful of $50 discounts on the bare PS4 console, but this is the first time it’s happened on the version that includes The Last of Us: Remastered. You could argue that there have been better bundle deals available for $400, but if saving money is your primary concern, this is as good as PS4 deals get. [… » 5/13/15 11:45am 5/13/15 11:45am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Xbox One Game Sale, 360 Controller, & More

More than 8 years after release, the Xbox 360 controller is still one of the best gamepads you can buy for PC gaming, and today on Amazon, the wired model is down to $28. That’s within a few bucks of an all-time low price. [Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, $28] » 5/11/15 11:50am 5/11/15 11:50am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, and More

If your PlayStation Plus membership is set to lapse soon, or (gasp) if you’ve never bought it before, you can save $10 on a year’s subscription today. If you own a Sony game console, this is a no-brainer. [PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership, $40] » 5/08/15 11:45am 5/08/15 11:45am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Wolfenstein, Battlefront, and More

If you enjoy campy fun and uncovering tons of clever easter eggs, Wolfenstein’s new standalone prequel looks like the game for you. If you own a PS4 or Xbox One, and never got around to playing the surprisingly-excellent Wolfenstein: The New Order, Amazon will give you a $15 coupon towards that game when you purchase » 5/07/15 11:45am 5/07/15 11:45am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Kerbal, Beyond Earth, Sony Headset, & More

I’ve dumped over 80 hours into Kerbal Space Program, and have no plans to stop. If you missed out on the early access period, the game just launched its 1.0, and raised the price to $40. For a limited time though, you can get it for $30, and anyone who enjoys flight simulators, space, or both should absolutely grab a… » 4/28/15 11:45am 4/28/15 11:45am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Vita Memory, Sunset Overdrive, and More

Today on Groupon, you can grab a spacious 64GB PS Vita memory card for $76, which is a solid $10-$20 less than usual. Compared to standard memory card prices, this is still pretty awful, but if you own a Vita, it’s your only choice. You might want to just grit your teeth and buy it. [PS Vita 64GB Memory Card, $76 with… » 4/27/15 11:45am 4/27/15 11:45am

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Fresh Humble, Elgato Capture Card, and More

Humble’s new weekly bundle includes a tidy collection of multiplayer games for the price of your choosing. As usual, a few (including Chariot) require you to pay more than the average price, and the awesome-looking Homebrew - Vehicle Sandbox will set you back $10. [Humble Multiplayer Bundle] » 4/24/15 11:45am 4/24/15 11:45am