Bundle up, it's gonna be a cheap ride.

Retailers have a tendency to take advantage of supply constraints by forcing early adopters into crappy bundles during a console's launch. Amazon is bucking that trend with two bundles that offer legitimate savings. The Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle includes the console, along with Battlefield 4, a year of Playstation Plus, and an Amazon-exclusive Battlefield 4 "battlepack" for $500. [Amazon]

A similar bundle replaces Battlefield 4 with Killzone Shadow Fall for the same price, but with no DLC pack. [Amazon]


Are these huge savings? Certainly not. In fact, we wouldn't list such a small discount for an item unless it was as high-profile as this. We don't expect to see many (if any) big discounts on the next consoles during their launch windows, so we feel good recommending these bundles if you were planning on buying one of those games anyway. Other things to note are that these bundles come with guaranteed release day delivery, depending your state you may not pay sales tax, and if you're a Prime Member (free trial here), you'll get free shipping.

There are also bundles featuring Knack or Watch_Dogs, but they are standard retail price.


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