Monday Night Combat Provides Athletic Support

As just mentioned in TWiG, Monday Night Combat arrives on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday. This developer's diary gives a 14-minute look at gameplay, all of it under the Support class, who brings plenty of neat toys to the game.

He can overheal turrets, hack them to increase their rate of fire, dispense health to teammates or siphon it from enemies and call in an airstrike. Oh, and he has a shotgun. I'm thinking this guy will be one of the more often-played classes. Which leaves the question: Who supports Support?


Monday Night Combat is 1,200 Microsoft Points.

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It's a huge TF2 rip-off, let's not fool ourselves here guys; it's TF2 with a few tweaks. Nothing wrong with that, I would totally pick this up if it wasn't because my Live subscription expired and I don't feel like spending $35 for another one plus whatever this game ends up costing.

I hope there's going to be a PC port someday :)