Monday Night Combat Is Half Off Today

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Less than a month before it releases on Steam, Monday Night Combat has dropped to half off over Xbox Live Arcade for the time being. You can grab the cooperative/competitive shooter for just 600 Microsoft Points ($7.50) while supplies last.


Clarification: The sale is for today only, says Uber Entertainment.

For those who are buying this, or already have but have forgotten - the Spunky Cola Special DLC also is free so run go get that, too. The package, which released Dec. 1 gives you two new arenas and a slew of other details and features you may read about here.


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Thing I'm worried about is... the community for this must be miniscule now. Halo Reach and CoD must've stolen about 80% of the population... and it's too similar (to some people) to TF2, so I don't think it'll do too well on the PC.

I hope I'm wrong though. I wanted this real bad when my Xbox was dead...