Molyneux's Next Big Thing Could Show At E3, Perhaps Ooze With Awesome

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While Lionhead's Peter Molyneux seems to be working on Fable III, he also mentioned that his studio is working on a non-Fable game which he hopes to show at E3.


"Lionhead shouldn't be thought of as just doing Fable," he said. "Definitely not. In fact we've been working on, working incredibly hard, on something else. We haven't been allowed to talk about that something else because the rule is we have to have something to show, to prove it. Those days of high media concept are gone now and quite rightfully so."

He added that they are getting close to having something showable, but when I asked if E3 would be the unveiling of his non-Fable game, he sort of ducked the question.

"It's fascinating how E3 has turned itself around," he said. "It was a show that was on its last legs and now suddenly everyone is going 'Hey, it's going to be a big E3'. I think this year E3 is going to be pretty big on announcements from everybody. It's just a perfect time in the industry. We're kind of building ourselves up and saving our energy for these big announcements.

"Walking out there talking to those developers, it's "Wow, this E3 is going to be exciting."

So what is his non-Fable game going to be? Molyneux wouldn't say, but word on the carpeted hallway is that it will be a squad-based game. Perhaps a new Syndicate be in our future?

Now that I've typed it, only delivery will prevent my fragile heart from being crushed.


Well....Yes, he may come out and hype the shit out of his games, but if you are one of the peeps that believed in it and were disappointed with the end result, then its your fault and not Molyneux's. His view of the games he makes is like Parents, they may have one ugly ass kid, but to them the kid will be beautiful.