Yes. It's this again. And yes. It's him again. But hey, if you can spare five minutes for another Peter Molyneux soundbyte and another "oh no PC gaming is rubbish" opinion, read on! Speaking with Videogamer, the Lionhead boss - who, while at Bullfrog, did his best work on the PC - has said the market is "in tatters":

If you look at the gamer market on PC, I'll be quite honest with you, it's in tatters. There aren't that many releases on PC. There are some high points like Crysis and what Blizzard is doing, but other than that you are restricted to The Sims and World of Warcraft, they seem to be dominating the PC side.


You mean it's in tatters if you're not EA or Blizzard, Peter. PC gamer market in 'tatters', says Molyneux [Videogamer] [Image]

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