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Modern Warfare Remastered Adds Four Great New Cheats

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Intel cheats are one of the best things about Call of Duty and Modern Warfare Remastered brings back old favorites while adding some pretty awesome new cheats. Melon headed baddies are just the tip of the iceberg!

I played through the game last night, snagging all the intel so I could show you the nifty rewards you’ll get when you collect every hidden piece of enemy intelligence. They start tame, with a few filters. These were featured in the original game:


In order, you have the CoD Noir, Photo-Negative, Super Contrast, and Ragtime Warfare filters. I personally love the ragtime filter. Nyah, ya see?!

For some true devastation, consider mixing the classic cluster bombs cheat with the new “Lemon-Nade” and “Ragdoll Impact” cheats. When life gives you lemons, toss those lemons right back and blow everything to hell.


The strangest new cheat is “Zakhaev’s Sons.” It replaces all enemies with the track suit wearing Victor Zakaev and arms every one of them with a rocket launcher. Not even infinite ammo or slow mo can save you from this murderous clone army!

I’m not going to tell you where to find all the intel, even if old school fans might already know. You’ll have to hunt them down by yourself. It’s definitely worth it if you want to change the gritty war game into something a little wackier.