Modern Warfare 2 Killstreak Rewards Revealed?

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The early PC Xbox 360 leak of Modern Warfare 2 continues to churn spoilers. Yesterday we saw the video of what you get for an eyepopping kill streak of 25. Someone's posted a list of rewards for all the others.

The site Gamepex has posted, without attribution, the full list. Take it with a heaping helping of salt, but as we saw yesterday, if they're willing to put a tactical nuke in this sucker, then I think anything's believable short of a spaceship.


I've asked Robert Bowling if he'd like to say anything about this. Any comment will be updated here. Update: via Twitter, Bowling says: "Can't confirm nor deny any leaks for #MW2. Official stance is to just wait and discover the awesome yourself on November 10th."

3 Kills - UAV
4 Kills - Care Package
4 Kills - Counter UAV
5 Kills - Sentry Gun
5 Kills - Predator Missile
6 Kills - Precision Airstrike
7 Kills - Strike
7 Kills - Attack Heli
8 Kills - Emergency Airdrop
9 Kills - Pave Low
9 Kills - Stealth Bomber
11 Kills - Chopper Gunner
11 Kills - AC-130
15 Kills - EMP
25 Kills - Tactical Nuke

Full List of Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks Revealed [Gamepex]

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How can Modern Warfare ever be balanced. If people have weapons you don't? Say you're new to the game.

It's gonna be hard to progress. When you're going up against experienced players, who've maxed out all the weapons.

I suck at Modern Warfare. I'll just admit it. Maybe since I'm in my 30's my reflexes aren't what they used to be. I usually can't spot enemies and when I do. There weapons are always better than mine and they kill me in a second.

The rest of the time I'm just getting shot by players I never see. It's not fun. It's just frustrating and the game gets shelved for months. So what's the secret to getting good at this game?