A second video trumpeting the "PS4" also drops a half second hint that we may be seeing Modern Warfare 2 in 3D in the near future.

Like the first one, this viral ad takes place in a lab, with a consumer/gamer acting the guinea pig while presumably evil Sony scientists test out 3D gaming on them. After a while, the guy can't take the realness anymore, and freaks out.

His freak out happens to include a very quick flash of the TV showing the game's menu in 3D. (McWhertor's eagle eye spotted it at 39 seconds if you missed it the first time.)


We've yet to hear from Sony whether it's behind these or not. And it's pretty professional if it's a fake. Best guess? It's real, but the "PS4" isn't meant literally. Sony won't be unveiling a new console at E3. These are instead most likely ads for the PS3's new 3D capability, with the "PS4" bit perhaps a reference to how futuristic it makes gaming; as in, 3D gaming is so good it'll feel like a new console.

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