Viral Video Apparently Teases 3D PS3

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A viral video apparently plugging some new sort of Playstation technology surfaced over the weekend. Is it for 3D gaming (likely) or the Playstation 4 (seriously doubt it)?


The clip opens up with a night vision shoot of some sort of complex. The text reads S.C.E. Principal Scientific Research Laboratory, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan. (Sony Computer Entertainment has offices in Minami-Aoyama.)

A woman answers the door and tells the guy with the camera to cooperate. They then race through the hallways of the structure, telling each other to hurry. They throw open a door, and the woman asks what the guy in the lab coat is doing.

In the next room, there is a guy on the floor. They take off his glasses and remove the controller from his hand. As they try to take the controller from his hands, the man on the ground begins squealing.

The video then cuts out to a title card that reads: "PS4 V3.1 - Please Wait A Moment".

The end appears to be related more with the PS3's 3D feature than with brand new hardware. As promotion for the PS3's 3D capabilities kick into high gear, obviously we could expect to see television ads promoting this feature. From the blurred glimpses in the commercial, the television in the clips seems as though it could be 3D.

The bit at the end that mentions "PS4 V3.1" could have been added in post production by someone besides the makers of this clip. It is possible.


This video has not been confirmed to be connected with Sony or the PlayStation. It is slick and professional, yes, but is it from Sony? And what parts of it are from Sony? Kotaku is following up.


Stanley Kirk Burrell

I really hope there isn't too much 3d hype coming from E3 this year. Most of my friends are technophiles (as well as my self), but none of us are even remotely interested in investing money in home 3d entertainment equipment. It just doesn't add much to the experience and when you take into account the inconvenience of having to have 3d glasses for every member of the family (including young children) in order to enjoy the equipment it really starts to go from paying a lot of money for a novelty feature to paying a lot of money for a novelty feature that will never get used.