There is no game-action simulation of baseball on the PC this year, whatsoever. Management sims like Out of the Park Baseball or Sega's MLB Manager are your only current options in a role that MLB 2K had filled—but the rush job it put in on MLB 2K13 left out that platform. At any rate, no one has included a mode for the World Baseball Classic, hardball's World Cup equivalent, although to be fair, the tournament is only being staged for the third time since 2005.


Well, the MVP Caribe bunch, whom I profiled back in 2010, is on the case. This total-conversion mod offers 28 national baseball teams—the 16 participants of WBC 13 with their accurate uniforms, plus 12 teams that played in the tournament's qualifying round. The mod is delivered as a 30-game schedule in MVP Baseball 2005's Dynasty mode. Both it and instructions for installing it are available at the link. ¡Arriba!

WBC Caribe 2013 1.0 [ Gracías, Héctor.]

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