Modder Adds Tifa Lockhart To Tekken 7

Tekken 7 already has a large roster of characters, including some odd guest characters. But now, thanks to a talented modder, you can play as Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


Created by modder Wolfe, this Tekken 7 PC mod replaces Josie in the game with Tifa and comes with five different outfits inspired by her various looks in Final Fantasy. Wolfe also added Tifa voice lines to mod and created a new, custom stage set in Midgar. (With two variants, night and day.)

According to the modder on the Tifa mod’s download page, they spent over 500 hours working on this mod in the last two months. And they still have more planned. They want to add another outfit, fix some of the bugs and add more voice lines. Even in this technically unfinished state, this mod is impressive and looks damn near official.

You can download the Tifa mod here and the Midgar mod here.


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Wow, this looks great! You could have said that vid was showcasing official DLC and I would’ve believed it. It’s a shame Tifa doesn’t get more love when it comes to crossover-character DLC. It’s awesome that Cloud and Sephiroth have both made it to Smash, but hot damn would I love for Tifa’s beat-em-up fighting style to show up in more games.