Mod Resurrects March Madness in NBA 2K11

EA Sports' NCAA Basketball bit the dust after its 2009 release; 2K Sports' College Hoops 2K series cashed out two years before. With Selection Sunday three days away and March Madness upon us, how's a gamer to satisfy his basketball jones?

Well, those with a PC may do so through a "total conversion mod," developed for NBA 2K11 on that platform. With it, gamers get 60 NCAA teams "with accurate uniforms and somewhat accurate courts," on two roster files.


The modders behind it wanted to pull it off without overwriting any NBA 2K11 files, so that the user may switch from NCAA to NBA games by loading a roster. They're asking folks who play the mod to try to play the rosters in all modes and report back with bugs or crashes. "For the normal user who just wants to play some NCAA Basketball, stick to the Play Now mode to prevent issues."

NCAA 2K11 [, via Operation Sports]

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