MLB 2K11 Brings Home The Beard

This "first look" trailer for MLB 2K11 is short on specifics, but says the game will feature improved fielding and new player models - illustrated, naturally, by the Giants' sui generis closer, Brian Wilson.


In a conversation about MLB 2K11's Million Dollar Perfect Game challenge, 2K Sports executive Jason Argent hinted that pitching controls will also receive a fine-tuning. And we've already seen that the uniform backs, which were to be blunt, ghastly in MLB 2K10, have gotten a much-needed touchup job this year. Other details will start rolling in over the next few weeks.

MLB 2K11 releases March 8 on the Xbox 360 and PS3.



I swear to god himself right now, if either the show or 2k11 doesn't get the Braves' blue road uniforms with the right hat this year after FAILING TO DO SO TWO YEARS RUNNING, I'm gonna go fucking nuclear on somebody.