OK, so my big question after watching this — Flash pummeling Scorpion as they both plummet into hell, is that a fatality/quicktime event, or something I can get in on? Because of all the fighting, that looked the best. Also how exactly do I get Catwoman to do that thing where she wraps her legs around me, but then stops without tearing my face off?

If you're only watching to see what new DCU characters are in this, I'll save you the trouble: nobody you haven't seen yet. Supes, Bats, Flash and Catwoman vs. MK's all-stars. But it's a fine edit and some nice eye candy to start the weekend.


Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe E3 2008 Trailer [Gametrailers]

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It looks about as good as I expected it to - nothing particularly stunning or terrible here. The DC characters have their special abilities and the MK peeps have theirs (though there's no way that guy would beat up Supes like that), and it's yet to be seen exactly how those cinematic/quicktime "events" will be implemented into the gameplay.

I hate Gametrailers for automatically forcing the video into fullscreen mode.

Che cosa? That's never happened to me.