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Miyamoto-Autographed Pure White DS for $5.50

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well, that's its price on eBay as of now. Better believe the reserve's nowhere near met for this sucker. The seller got Nintendo's cult figure to sign it at E3 2005.

You might remember the Shigeru Miyamoto-scrawled GameBoy Advance that went for more than two grand back in 2007. With nine days left on the bidding, the seller's gunning for the same thing here.


There's nine days left on the bidding. The seller, Mikael, is in Sweden, he says the DS itself has never been used (and notes that Pure White was available for sale only in Japan.) For proof this isn't a fake, he only offers his badge from the 2005 E3.


Interesting, because McWhertor also got his Triforce-themed DS signed by Shiggy. The cartoony OTO signatures on both match up. So that either verifies Mikael's story, or it suggests that if Miyamoto signs everything stuck in front of him, maybe this is rare, but not like $2,000 rare.

Anyway, everyone go file your $6 bids now and snicker. Or, if you're more serious, offer maybe like a hundy or something. Who knows.

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