Mirror's Edge Impressions, New Screens and Trailer

For a game I hadn't really spent much time with, Mirror's Edge sure has blossomed in my thoughts lately. My first thoughts, when I saw this trailer last month was that I wished that the actual game looked like this and that it wasn't just an animated tease for Mirror's Edge. But then I saw the actual game again and quickly changed my mind. The ultra realistic look of the game, the crisp lines, the colors, theres something about them that coalesce into a look that deepens the impact of the game's fast-moving parkour feel.

From what I saw of Mirror's Edge it looks like the sort of game you would want to play through over and over again until you got a level perfect. Missed a step? Screwed up a jump? Start over. Not because you have to but because you want to. And don't worry, they showed some combat as well. People have guns, they want to kill you, and you are fast enough, dexterous enough to deal with them in style. Oh yeah, this is shaping up to be a must have.

Check back on Monday morning for my hands-on impressions of the game.


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