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Mirror's Edge Catalyst Is Out February 23, 2016

Illustration for article titled iMirrors Edge Catalyst /iIs Out February 23, 2016

We already knew Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was coming, but E3 brought us the first details on the series reboot.


“Personal freedom comes at a price” is the theme underscoring Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

It’s an origin story about Faith, how she grows up and “opens the eye of an entire city.” Basically, they’re holding onto the game’s original premise but ditching the game’s storyline.


(It’s okay. It wasn’t very good.)

There are no levels or loading times, either. You free-roam around an entire city in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and it seems the various story missions and optional goals are littered around.

Perhaps most importantly? DICE said “she doesn’t need any guns.” The gun sequences from the original Mirror’s Edge didn’t really work, so I’m happy to hear they’re totally ditching them.


Plus, it’s not that far off, really. February!

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This game would be fantastic with Morpheus or OR.