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Minesweeper Becoming An Adventure Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Charles Cecil, the brains behind adventure game classics Beneath A Steel Sky and Broken Sword, is working with charity developer OneBigGame on an all-new project: turning Minesweeper into - what else - an adventure game.



He's come up with a back story for as to why the mines are there, he's come up with characters," OneBigGame co-founder Martin de Ronde told G4. "It's turning out to be a really, really cool game in terms of mechanics and also in terms of the setting and the universe..."


Sounds nutty, but remember, if someone can make four Pirates of the Caribbean movies out of a hokey old amusement ride, Charles Cecil can not only do this, but do it well.

No, We're Not Kidding: Someone Is Making A Minesweeper Adventure Game [G4]