Founded in 2007, publishers OneBigGame have this week unveiled their first game: a puzzler featuring big-name music acts, with proceeds from the title's sales going towards some big-name charity groups.


The game's called Chime (out "soon" for 360 and PC), and was developed by British studio Zoe Mode. Lumines fans should feel right at home looking at the clip below, as should fans of artists like Moby and Philip Glass, whose works the game features.

OneBigGame's goal is to raise money and awareness for charitable causes, specifically Save the Children (a group assisting impoverished children) and the Starlight Childrens Foundation (the guys granting wishes for sick kids). To this end, Zoe Mode did the game for free, cutting out any development costs, which was awful nice of them.


Shine is just the first of many upcoming games to be published by OBG, with secret, future titles being worked on by people like Masaya Matsuura (PaRappa), Dave Perry (Earthworm Jim) and Charles Cecil (Broken Sword).

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