Minecraft Player Makes Futuristic Metropolis Inspired By Cyberpunk 2077

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Screenshot: Elysium Fire (Minecraft )

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is still several months away, but Minecraft players who want to get in the spirit of exploring neon-fueled dystopias will soon be able to visit their own version of Night City.


Minecraft YouTuber Elysium Fire released a trailer for their upcoming tribute to Cyberpunk 2077's world earlier this month (thanks PC Gamer). While not in any way an attempt to duplicate the city one-to-one, Elysium’s version is still a complex and sprawling urban monstrosity in its own right.

“Discover this city that was built on the forgotten remains of the 21th century, with its megastructures splitting the skies, built chaotically one on top of the other,” writes Elysium in the time-lapsed video’s description.

The city has its own dedicated waste center, a whole section for wind farms, and a gigantic port for receiving all the shipments of natural resources that it needs to satisfy the appetites of its blocky residents.

Elysium is currently planning to release the map for download starting on Christmas day.

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As someone with only the most basic understanding of Minecraft as “Digital Legos”, are things like this truly constructed one “brick” at a time, or are there cheat programs or code that allows relatively rapid construction of designs that are then translated into that aesthetic?

I’m just curious how something like this is built within the game?