Minecraft Player Live Streams House Fire

Japanese streamer Daasuke took a break from playing Minecraft to show off his new oil-match lighter. That’s when things got bad. Real bad.


Daasuke admitted that he wasn’t sure how to use the lighter. He filled it up with lighter fluid and ended up accidentally setting his room on fire.

In the YouTube video below, you can see how thing escalate. The flames start at around 4:45.

[Video via Kukulu]

As website Hachima points out, the streamer has set his Twitter account to private.

According to one news report (below), the house’s second floor caught fire. The 40 year-old live streamer as well as his 73-year-old mother, 68 year-old father, and a 62 year-old relative sustained injuries. We hope that they were not serious.

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[via Matomame]

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This is a good example of why you need to have fire extinguishers in the house. You don’t need an expensive one just make sure its rated for different types of fires. If he had one it would have been over with in a few seconds.