A screenshot from McMakistein’s YouTube video about recreating Overwatch character Doomfist.

YouTuber McMakistein recreated a fully playable version of the Overwatch character Doomfist in Minecraft.

McMakistein, who goes by MrMakistein on Reddit, told curious others that it only took him about a week to create this cubic version of the franchise’s newest offense hero. It took him over 400 commandblocks (blocks that can execute commands) to build. Just like its Overwatch counterpart, this Doomfist can deal damage with his Rocket Punch and Hand Cannon.


McMakistein’s Doomfist in action.

McMakistein has also created Minecraft versions of other Overwatch characters, such as Genji, Reaper, and Tracer. They’re also fully playable.


On the web, there are other Minecraft and Overwatch enthusiasts creating their own game mashups, such as the Minewatch project, which is led by a team that creates character designs and weapons. The Overwatch Illios project focused on creating Overwatch maps such as Hanamura and Route 66 until it was shut down due to the modders losing contact with each other.

Playing as McMakistein’s Doomfist character in FPS. 


McMakistein plans to recreate Mercy next. To download his version of Doomfist, go here.