Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is no joke. In October, it briefly dethroned Call of Duty as the Xbox 360's most-played game, and is still a solid No. 2 five months later. So its viability as a console title isn't in question.

Mojang is considering a PlayStation version, said Jens Bergstein, the lead designer of Minecraft's mobile editions, once Mojang's exclusive deal with Microsoft is over. "But Wii U is very unlikely," he told iGamer.

Minecraft's Xbox Live version released in May; it's unknown how long the game's exclusive pact with Microsoft will last, but it was a big on-stage announcement at Microsoft's E3 2011 keynote. Minecraft, in less than a year, has become the best-selling Xbox Live game of all time, by a mile, and sold nearly half a million copies on Christmas Eve.


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