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Minecraft Looking at PlayStation—When Its Exclusive Deal With the 360 Ends

Illustration for article titled emMinecraft/em Looking at PlayStation—When Its Exclusive Deal With the 360 Ends

Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is no joke. In October, it briefly dethroned Call of Duty as the Xbox 360's most-played game, and is still a solid No. 2 five months later. So its viability as a console title isn't in question.


Mojang is considering a PlayStation version, said Jens Bergstein, the lead designer of Minecraft's mobile editions, once Mojang's exclusive deal with Microsoft is over. "But Wii U is very unlikely," he told iGamer.


Minecraft's Xbox Live version released in May; it's unknown how long the game's exclusive pact with Microsoft will last, but it was a big on-stage announcement at Microsoft's E3 2011 keynote. Minecraft, in less than a year, has become the best-selling Xbox Live game of all time, by a mile, and sold nearly half a million copies on Christmas Eve.

Minecraft on PlayStation being considered, Wii U version "very unlikely" [Edge Online]

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"But Wii U is very unlikely,"

Disregarding the fact I've bored of Minecraft (played far too much and a lack of imagination), I think this is a rather silly statement to make.

The WiiU controller would lend itself to inventory and recipe management greatly and I think there is a large audience that would be interested in buying Minecraft on the WiiU. It's quite regularly seen as a game that has some educational value, or at least makes people use their imaginations. I think this would go well with a large part of the audience that own Nintendo consoles.