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There's currently a battle going on over on the site of the Humble Indie Bundle, where two indies who have "made it big" - Minecraft creator Notch and Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman - are jostling to see who can donate the most money.


Accuse them of showboating if you will, but since proceeds from the sale of the bundle go to the indie developers behind the games, think of them as Robin Hoods. Without the stealing. Unless you count the tussle as them stealing from each other.

What must surely be making all those on the receiving end of the bundle's cash happy is that although the pair could easily adjust their initial donations of $2,000 to "win", they're instead throwing down fresh $2,000.01 and $2,000.02 donations.


In honour of all that indie cash being thrown around like it was going out of style, then, Wolfire concept artist Aubrey Serr whipped up this image honouring the two and sent it over. And it's about the best thing I saw on the internet today.

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