The Humble Indie Bundles - compilations of indie games that not only help charity but let indie devs get paid - will be back tomorrow with a third deal. And it might be the best of the bunch.


Teaming up with developers Frozenbyte, anyone purchasing the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle will get a copy of 2D platformer Trine, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor. They'll also get access to two Frozenbyte "projects", one of them being the source code to an unfinished game called Jack Claw, the other a preorder for an upcoming Froeznbyte game called Splot.

It'll be available here from 0930 PST, April 12. So bookmark it!

The whole point of these bundles is that users pay what they want. If you want to pay $5 for all that, with proceeds split between the developers, Child's Play charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, you can. If you want to pay $50 (what the three games are actually worth collectively), you can do that too. Or $500. Whatever.

Trine is worth good money on its own. Trine and all that other stuff? It's worth better money.

The bundle is available for PC, Mac and Linux. All games included ship with absolutely no DRM, but can also be unlocked on Steam, if that's your thing, or Desura, if that's your thing.


The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle will be available here from 0930 PST, April 12.

[The Humble Indie Bundle]

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