When one thinks of South Central LA and illegal underground street racing, one also thinks "Pizza!" Logically, Rockstar Games and Pizza Hut have partnered to promote Midnight Club: Los Angeles with the power of pie.

The Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central Pizza Hut Showdown will give the budding diabetic an opportunity to enjoy an entire year's worth of free pizza.


That actually translates to $599 worth of Pizza Hut gift cards or the equivalent of a free "Pizza Mia" every week for a year, which may be different from your definition of "an entire year's worth."

All you need to do is download the South Central map expansion and race really fast. Post the fastest time on the game's leader boards and you'll be swimming in sauce, melted cheese and the topping of your choice for the rest of the year. The whole thing kicks off on April 14th, but you'll need to register ahead of time. Further details and legal stuff at the official site.

Rockstar Social Club Events [Rockstar Games]

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