Well done, Microsoft UK. Here we were, thinking that, come 2009, gaming - yes, even 360 gaming - was for everyone, when you go and shove a set of Halo Wars-covered tits in our face.

It's not that we're complaining. After all, yes, Microsoft, they are a lovely pair. But, just like the Gears of War 2 campaign you ran last year in The Daily Star, don't you feel a little dirty resorting to early-90s marketing ploys?

Not because we're offended by a bit of skin. We're well beyond saving in that regard. It's just...there's ways you can do this with your tongue in your cheek and a twinkle in your *ahem* eye, and there's ways that are just...well, it'd help if she was looking at the TV (below). Or could aim that kettle.


Oh, and before you object, no. The self-depreciating ironing and tea-making shots aren't enough to convince us this is all some kind of elaborate joke on the part of bored PR types.

Though, when combined with the lovingly handcrafted "press release" below, they do come close.

About Amanda:

Amanda Johnstone is 25 years old, lives in South London and runs her own event management company. She spends a lot of time away from home however when at home she likes nothing more than being snuggled up in bed with her Xbox controller, playing Halo to help take her away from her daily stresses.

Her good friend Sam introduced Amanda to the world of Halo 7 years ago when he launched his 'Halo club' nights at The Cross (Kings Cross, London) which all began as part of his passion for the game. She worked the door for three years and was also used as the 'face' to advertise the night. As she spent more time with Sam some of his infatuation with the game started rubbing off on her.

Amanda became more and more into Halo and was spending more of her evenings with the covenant as Master Chief, trying to save the world. This became an obsession, to a point where not only was she playing until the early hours of the morning on most nights over Xbox LIVE but started collecting Halo merchandise - from themed mugs and posters through to bags and figurines. She even sleeps with Master Chief every night under her Halo duvet cover and pillow case set.

Amanda's obsession doesn't stop here as she recently got herself a little pet Chihuahua and named him 'Chiefy'.

In 2007 she was also lucky enough to win tickets to attend the launch of Halo 3 where she walked the red carpet with Master Chief, Pharrell Williams, Christian Slater amongst other celebs.

"I have so much fun playing Halo and absolutely love getting on Xbox LIVE and getting better scores than a lot of the boys I regularly play the game with. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the new game Halo Wars."

When Amanda is not trying to save the world on Halo she is blasting out karaoke hits on Lips. Her favourite songs include Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love and Rihanna's Umbrella.