Half-Naked Woman Launches UK X-Blades

With last week's North American release of anime-inspired action title X-Blades going largely unnoticed, SouthPeak falls back on that old marketing standard to help liven up the UK launch - bare model bottom.

The hack and slash action of SouthPeak's X-Blades hits PAL territories tomorrow, so they've hired young model Jodie Dart, dressed her up in a reasonable approximation of main character Ayumi's outfit, Photoshopped her into a couple of game scenes, and distributed her shapely bottom about the internet in hopes of generating articles such as this one you are reading right now.

A lovely try, but the game remains rather mediocre, scantily clad model or no. Plus, anyone who has actually played X-Blades will tell you that without a liberal coating of orange paint, poor Jodie has no hope of accurately matching Ayumi's horrible skin tone. She's just too good to be true to character. See for yourself in the full images below.

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