Gears of Phwoar? Yes, The Daily Star Went There

According to Britain's Daily Star, page 3 T&A specialist Lucy Pinder (pictured) is a 360 fangirl. And runs a "league" for other page 3 girls, all of whom play "shoot-em-up" (their quotations, not ours) games. How on earth are The Daily Star (and not, uh, us?)privy to this kind of information? And who are they to assume she's talking about Gears of War 2 when she and her pals could be dedicated Raiden and Ikaruga players? They have "sources". "Sources" who tell them things like:

- Watch out next time you go online with your Xbox for a battle – you could be fighting Lucy. She takes NO prisoners and she takes it seriously. - These girls have busy lives but they do like to relax with their consoles after a hard day's modelling. They love taking each other on with their Xbox games. - Although she loves most of the attention she gets, the game will certainly sharpen up her defensive instincts. She'll be on her guard when she's on a girlie night out and doesn't want any men around!

What's great about this isn't the fact those lines are a complete load of shit. No, what's great is that Microsoft UK's PR (ie the "source") have people whose job it is to come up with stuff like this. "They love taking each other on with their Xbox games?" Sexist, perhaps, but there's a crude form of art to be found in courting the lowest common denominator. LUCY'S GEAR OF PHWOAR [Daily Star, via Xboxer]

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