Microsoft Sells Off Its IPTV Business, Turns TV Focus to Xbox

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Microsoft will sell its IPTV platform, Mediaroom, to Ericsson, and focus all of its consumer TV strategy on its Xbox division, the company said this morning in a statement.

"With the sale of Mediaroom, Microsoft is dedicating all TV resources to Xbox," the company said.

Originally announced as far back as 2007, Mediaroom brought cable television and TV programming from broadcasters themselves, via Internet connection, to subscribers through a variety of devices, one of them the Xbox 360. The service debuted with AT&T uVerse back in 2010, then added another 40 TV and entertainment providers a year later. Mediaroom grew to power 22 million set-top boxes in 11 million households, Microsoft said.


Mediaroom and Our TV Journey [Microsoft]

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I honestly think that the next Xbox will be more of a media box than a game machine. I also have a feeling that it'll be the winner of the next console gen in the same way the Wii won last gen.

The gaming industry will hate on it, that's for sure. But with the amount of movie streaming/sports partnerships that MS has it'll be the go-to box for people who aren't hardcore gamers.

I don't plan on buying one, but i can definitely see such a box taking off. I'm willing to bet that most of the money Microsoft makes is off of people who play CoD and watch Netflix. Why else would they pay so much for early DLC?

What do you guys think? Lets talk.