Microsoft To Sell 250GB HDDs Separately

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Selling individual 250GB hard disk drives for the new Xbox 360 S seems like a predictable move, sure, but also one that until now had never been officially disclosed by Microsoft.


Packaging shots for the 4GB version of the console, however, have shown Microsoft's hand, revealing that in addition to controllers and Kinect, another accessory/upgrade available for the smaller "slim" is a 250GB HDD, same as can be found in the console's bigger brother.

The pics were first spotted by Gamerzines, and we've since verified it with the shot above, so yes, this is real. Question is, why keep it a secret when everything else was shown off? Oh, that's right, it's a proprietary hard drive for a Microsoft console. It'll probably cost an absolute fortune, and there's never a good time to send out a press release for that.

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Anybody else out there still using their 20gig drive from launch day and thinks it's enough? Or is it me?