Microsoft Talks Future of Halo Wars And Ensemble Studios

Just because Ensemble Studios is dead that does not mean the studios' Halo Wars are gone. The game will live on!


As Jason Pace, Halo Wars lead producer and MGS Halo franchise overseer, points out, Ensemble is forming a new company and will help support the game with bug patches and whatnot.

When asked about a sequel, Pace adds that he was "very excited" about all the potential. Supposedly "dozens and dozens" of game features did not make the final cut. "And those kind of things," says Pace, "without mentioning anything specific, are always the kinds of things that we would be looking at to enhance the game moving forward."

Microsoft, he says, is interested in keeping its relationship with the new Ensemble studio. Nothing is finalized, however.

"I can tell you right now that we are really interested in continuing our relationship with Ensemble [the new studio]. We don't have anything finalized that I can discuss, but certainly that is something we'd love to continue if possible," said Pace.


"Obviously what's happened with Ensemble has presented a new set of circumstances for us to think about. But that certainly hasn't altered what we'd like to do in the future with the title at all."

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