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1 Vs. 100 Live is currently in beta testing on Xbox Live and currently free to Xbox Live Gold members. That may change with the introduction of the "Season Pass," but Microsoft calls the double subscription possibility "simply a test."


The Xbox Live Primetime game show recently had its description clarified, formerly planned as free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. But that "free" now applies specifically to the beta. We contacted Microsoft for an extra layer of clarification about the change, and it told Kotaku that the company is still evaluating its options.


"Xbox 360 has created an entirely new genre of massively multiplayer entertainment. We are hosting the '1 vs 100' beta so we can perfect the experience, and try new features and content," a Microsoft spokesperson told us. "The Season Pass option that people have seen in the '1 vs 100' menu is simply a test, and we have no further details to share at this time."

The statement continues with a little pat on the back and a note that Microsoft may still be in the decision making process about fees for 1 Vs. 100 Live.

"Only Xbox LIVE has the vision and power to deliver '1 vs 100,' a regularly scheduled, socially interactive show with a live studio host, real prizes and fresh content. Since this has never been done before, we are looking forward to seeing how our beta unfolds, and evolving this genre of entertainment to benefit both our community and partners."

Is Xbox Live Primetime's 1 Vs. 100 Becoming Pay To Play? [Kotaku]

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